Rob van Wieringen 25 Years ago, during a long trip through Turkey, my passion for colour and design was instantly set alight when seeing Turkish kilims for the first time. I acquired my very first piece there and was lost.

Shortly after, the ‘rug fever’ got me fully in its grip and weekends after weekends were filled with hunting, buying, cleaning and admiring.
Gradually my area of interest shifted through the years from West to East, but always with a focus on colour above all else. I started with easy to love Turkish kilims, moved through the Caucasus and Persia, to end up with the ‘dark red’ obscure Turkmens, which are my current fascination.
The love for the authentic, the tribal touch, was always there and has stayed with me.
It is said that many dealers begin their careers as collectors, and this is also true of me.

The rugs and textiles presented here are cleaned and, for the most part, are in an ‘as found’ condition, without having been repaired.
Any flaws will be shown as clearly as possible in the detail section. I will therefore not comment too much on the items, but let the pictures speak for themselves.
Items will be added to the site regularly, so please do come back now and then to check.

Member of the TMV and certified appraiser of Oriental Rugs and Textiles in Holland.

Thank you for your visit.

Rob van Wieringen
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Rob van Wieringen
Groesbeeksedwarsweg 276 F
6521DV Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Gecertificeerd Taxateur Oosterse tapijten en Textiel   Certified taxation specialist
Phone:   +31 (0) 65 38 69 980


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